I remember when I first started in project management there seemed to be hundreds of courses from PMP and Prince2 through to Agile and many others. It was overwhelming, where do I start? 

In the end I just started my project and hoped for the best. The result was an initial few years of frustration as I tried to figure things out on my own. Then after a while I started to understand what the different roles on the project were and how to keep the project owner on my side. I also learnt that often the difference between the success and failure of a project depended on how engaged the project champion was.

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My Project Sponsor was too Busy to Meet Me

As a new project manager it can be difficult to understand what your role is. After all everyone you ask seems to have a different opinion. How can you deliver a project if you do not know what is expected of you. 

‘My sponsor is so busy he never seems to have time to spend on the project and they are always in meetings.’

Sound familiar? Then when you finally do meet with them they always seem to ask for something slightly different. This just leads to frustrating delays and impacts on the project. Do you often think that your project is so big and complex that you will never deliver it? Sometimes when starting out people give you the role of both project manager and business analyst. If you do not have a business analyst someone is expecting you to take on that role too. But what does a business analyst do?

The good news is as I have found out, there is a way of getting an owner engaged in the project so decisions are made promptly. It also does not matter how big or complex your project is there is a way of breaking it down to make easier to manage and deliver.

Why I Can Help You

For over 12 years after getting my degree in Project Management I have been successfully delivering projects. I have gone from being a novice and trying to figure things out on my own to delivering huge complex projects which have included new cancer drugs through to complex software developments. I am now confident that I can deliver any project that I am given regardless of it’s size or complexity. This confidence has resulted in my salary continuing to grow even when the economy has been struggling.

A Word From Barry

“I have learnt many different tricks and techniques to make delivering projects faster and easier. My aim with this course is to show you what Project Management is and later on, show some of these techniques with you. In this way, you can enjoy the same success that I have had with delivering projects that make a difference."